This piece is inspired by the dramatic elements of surprise that are innate to tropical weather. An ethereal tribute to Sri Lanka.Title inspiration from Mark Medoff’s 1979 play titled “Children of a Lesser God”. Screen-adapted in 1986 by the same title. Indra: Hindu storm godYu Shi: Chinese rain godZeus: Greek storm godCalandra: Greek goddess ofContinue reading “FEATURE|CHILDREN OF THE WEATHER GODS*”

OPINION | We, the Women of Pakistan

And so it was on another quite uneventful day that the PM of our besieged nation finally put in his two bits to exacerbate our social dilemma just a little more. The tenuous progress that we had made, all things considered (the “Aurat” [Women’s] March, the now audible Moderate social segment lobbying for change, theContinue reading “OPINION | We, the Women of Pakistan”


It seems like the great American nation has been roundly cursed with the evil eye; like the hexes and insidious incantations of overtly and covertly jealous nations are finally beginning to take effect. Indeed, the star spangled banner is looking increasingly tattered as it waves in the buffeting, tearing winds of change. Or it couldContinue reading “OPINION| THE STATE OF THE (DIS)UNION”

OPINION|Love in the Time of the Mullah**

Recently there was a simple, endearing display of affection between a couple that had just decided to spend the rest of their lives together. The proposal was made on the University of Lahore campus amidst their friends and was followed by an affectionate hug between the couple. That embrace was so demonised by the vocalContinue reading “OPINION|Love in the Time of the Mullah**”

VERSE| A Conversation with the Universe

I ask you if you’re HappyYou say that you ALMOST are …But for that deal still stuck in the pipeline; The car you’ve had your eye on;Of someday getting into the privileged fold With a house in a gated neighbourhood. I ask you if you’re Hopeful You say that you ALMOST are …But for theContinue reading “VERSE| A Conversation with the Universe”


It’s the little joys in life That lift and hug the soul;It’s the little brushes with sublimityThat paint the rosiest strokes It’s the steaming mugs of tea sharedWith a friend, over confidences and laughter;The mugs wrapped in hands as warm as the hearts That are bonding, ministering, healing … and afterMemorializing that perfect little momentContinue reading “VERSE| AN ODE TO LITTLE JOYS”


You ask me if I’m alright …I am alright, but the stabbing ache in my heart is not alright.You ask me if I’m ok …I am ok, but the stranglehold of despair around my throat is not ok You ask me if I’m fine …I am fine, but the icy grip of fear in myContinue reading “VERSE| I AM ALRIGHT”


HOTEL: CALAMANSI COVE VILLAS BY JETWINGAT: Wijerama Road, Balapitiya 80550TYPE: LUXURY BOUTIQUE HOTEL (with 12 villas in total)DISTANCE FROM COLOMBO: ABOUT 2 HOURS DOOR TO DOOR So back we went a-tripping to Balapitiya; the second time in a month – that seafront is quite fabulous! (Read about the first visit here: https://theroamingdesi.org/2021/02/11/trippinggoals/ ) I haveContinue reading “TRIPPING GOALS | CALAMANSI COVE VILLAS – Part Deux”


This is well meaning satire. (Clarifying for the benefit of those readers who are still in awe of the Royals and may feel quite contrary about such outrageous literary endeavors 🤓)Read to the lilt of “Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary, How does your garden grow?” Harry Harry! You’re so contrary How does this scandal go?With MeghanContinue reading “VERSE| HARRY HARRY, QUITE CONTRARY”


Inspired by the vastness of our universe, and the impermanence and fragility of our own little blue green planet. The moon hangs low like a key lime pieIn a firmament strewn with golden gleams of zest;The sky like a cosmic porcelain platterHolds this sweet perfection in a state of restI sip on my tea asContinue reading “VERSE|DUST IN OUR EYES”