The below verse is somewhat farcical and maybe even a tad fanciful; but sometimes it takes a bit of a tongue-in-cheek nudge to arouse our fitfully slumbering consciences. May we all continue to persevere towards creating a better, nobler world. I look at social media and I see anger and hate and prejudice;I look atContinue reading “VERSE| MY NOISE-CANCELLING HEADPHONES”


A little background to the below piece. My evening walk is as integral a part of my day as my first copiously caffeinated cup of tea. I venture out 6 days a week, inclement weather notwithstanding, and no matter where I am (I have an uncanny resourcefulness for finding workout venues, even if the sourceContinue reading “VERSE| THE CREATURES OF THE PARK”

PHOTO VOCE|Jetwing Lighthouse, Galle

The beautiful tropical monsoon skyThat changes colours in the blink of an eye.Inspiring awe in its kaleidoscopic wakeIt shifts and shimmers; now translucent, now opaque.From the deepest depths of a cornflower blueTo the delicate flush of a just ripe peach,It drifts and glimmers in rainbow huesAn iridescent paradise just out of reach.Then there’s the neverContinue reading “PHOTO VOCE|Jetwing Lighthouse, Galle”


The green of the earth And the blue of the sky; The cool, mellow breeze That caressingly passes by.The trilling of the birdsThe humming of the bees;The rustling of the leaves In their verdant canopies.The well-loved paths Fringed with emerald grass;The spring-born butterflies Delicately flitting past.That one beloved companion Who matches steps with mine,Our heartsContinue reading “VERSE| IN NATURE’S EMBRACE”


We have all, at some time or another been overwhelmed, overpowered, bested by our grief, anxiety and wretchedness. At those times, some of us have also been lucky enough to have that one place where we have, for a while, found some degree of quietude and peace. This is a tribute to those secret littleContinue reading “VERSE| THE WOODEN BENCH”


I wrote this old world ditty when I was around 16 years old. Introverted and a lover of words, this was a fitting tribute to my world then.The funny thing is that of the little poetry I wrote as a teenager, this is the only piece I remember by heart. The rest I have committedContinue reading “VERSE| SOLITUDE”


For my beloved uncle, Maamaji who left our mortal world to continue on his spiritual journey May your path be brightMay your tread be light May your spirit soar To celestial heights.May our dear departed welcome you Into their blessed foldAs you journey onwards Beyond our mortal world. May you heal, may you renew MayContinue reading “VERSE | A FOND FAREWELL”

VERSE| A Conversation with the Universe

I ask you if you’re HappyYou say that you ALMOST are …But for that deal still stuck in the pipeline; The car you’ve had your eye on;Of someday getting into the privileged fold With a house in a gated neighbourhood. I ask you if you’re Hopeful You say that you ALMOST are …But for theContinue reading “VERSE| A Conversation with the Universe”


It’s the little joys in life That lift and hug the soul;It’s the little brushes with sublimityThat paint the rosiest strokes It’s the steaming mugs of tea sharedWith a friend, over confidences and laughter;The mugs wrapped in hands as warm as the hearts That are bonding, ministering, healing … and afterMemorializing that perfect little momentContinue reading “VERSE| AN ODE TO LITTLE JOYS”


You ask me if I’m alright …I am alright, but the stabbing ache in my heart is not alright.You ask me if I’m ok …I am ok, but the stranglehold of despair around my throat is not ok You ask me if I’m fine …I am fine, but the icy grip of fear in myContinue reading “VERSE| I AM ALRIGHT”