Little Meg was a field antShe had a wooden leg She couldn’t crawl like the others did She hoppity-hopped instead She could not carry heavy crumbs Of fruit and grains and sweets She could only hoppity-hop soShe didn’t go on hunting sprees While the rest of the colony Went foraging for their food Little MegContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS | BRAVE LITTLE MEG”


Cici was a chilli pepperShe sat in the Greens sectionShe glowed with health and spiritShe’d just come out of the sunShe’d clung onto her little stemFor ninety days all springAnd when she was big and strongShe was harvested and brought inA gentleman in a little hatStopped by the Produce aisleHe dipped his hand in theContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS | CICI THE CHILLI PEPPER”


There was once a bumble beeShe had a massive head When she tried to fly up high She went quickly south instead Her friends would always laugh at her “There’s big noggin Sue!”Big-Head Sue, would feel quite blueIf only she could be bee-utiful too!Then in spring, Prince CharmingArranged to have a ballAll the ladies inContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS | BIG-HEAD SUE”


There was once a dust bunnyShe lived on top of the fridgeShe’d been there for many yearsSitting just upon the edgeSometimes when a wayward breezeBlew in with nimble steps Dusty would fluff herself up -Old hair, lint and spider websShe’d roll around her fridge-top homeLaughing gleefullyGleaming just a little bitWith static electricityThat was her superContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS | THE LITTLE DUST BUNNY”


There is a ship that’s out to seaHer cargo is my dreamsWhen I feel them slipping away She drops anchor close to me There is a ship that’s voyaging on She carries bushels of hope When life throws curve balls one too many She drops anchor somewhere close There is a ship out in theContinue reading “VERSE | PERPETUAL (M)OCEAN”


Sometimes while I sit, engrossed in lifeMy brow lightly furrowed, concentratingOn getting the task at hand doneRunning my five miles in the circle of creationI hear a rustle, a little whisperOf someone on the periphery of my thoughtsI glance up, as if to see the visionOf that someone that always flits acrossMy mind on busyContinue reading “VERSE | A SWEET MOMENT IN TIME”


I am Laughter and I am Tears I am the apex of my most lucid Fears I am Joy and I am Peace I am all that the tranquil dove seesI am Chaos, I am Discord I am the Trodden, I am Master and Lord I am Winter and I am Spring I wither, IContinue reading “VERSE | MAYA”


I opened the curtains to the sun peeping through Pillowy clouds that were floating around – just a few I stood at the window, the sleep fading away I smiled – We were going on our seaside trip today! I packed up my bag, threw in my shorts A couple of shirts and two pairsContinue reading “VERSE | AARGH! THE WEATHER!”


I woke up this morning, what a fabulous day!I glanced in the mirror, smiling away.I made my bed, brushed my teeth, did my hairI got myself ready, humming away.I picked up my bag, looked out at the worldIt was glimmering and dancing, shining awayI walked down the street towards my cafeThe Magnolia and Bougainville wereContinue reading “VERSE | JOY STORY”


Dear friends and family, Happy to say that my infinite number of monkeys clacking away at a keyboard trying to produce a lucid piece of writing phase seems to have borne some fruit! Presenting to you my first children’s book: CURIOUS ANIMALS, A CLOUD, A FRUIT AND A FLOWER. This collection of poems comes straightContinue reading “BOOK LAUNCH!”


I Laugh Out Loud as I hear him tell the jokeOf the 12 inch pianist who was quite the coincidental blokeShe Twittered delightedly out loud and on her phoneWe were out and about, having coffee and conversationAbout Freedom of Religion and Marijuana regulation Facebook also heard it all through her joyful proclamationThe waiter brought ourContinue reading “VERSE | SCHIZOMEDIA”


I wake up, my mind numb, my legs feelingLike 10 kg bags of wet cement Have been tied to my ankles; weighting Me down, ripping a dentWith my name in the fabric of the universe.I think briefly of yesterday, it was the reverseOf the state of my mind, as it ties and it bindsMe todayContinue reading “VERSE | THE IMPERMANENCE OF BEING”