Sometimes while I sit, engrossed in lifeMy brow lightly furrowed, concentratingOn getting the task at hand doneRunning my five miles in the circle of creationI hear a rustle, a little whisperOf someone on the periphery of my thoughtsI glance up, as if to see the visionOf that someone that always flits acrossMy mind on busyContinue reading “VERSE | A SWEET MOMENT IN TIME”


I woke up this morning, what a fabulous day!I glanced in the mirror, smiling away.I made my bed, brushed my teeth, did my hairI got myself ready, humming away.I picked up my bag, looked out at the worldIt was glimmering and dancing, shining awayI walked down the street towards my cafeThe Magnolia and Bougainville wereContinue reading “VERSE | JOY STORY”


I wake up, my mind numb, my legs feelingLike 10 kg bags of wet cement Have been tied to my ankles; weighting Me down, ripping a dentWith my name in the fabric of the universe.I think briefly of yesterday, it was the reverseOf the state of my mind, as it ties and it bindsMe todayContinue reading “VERSE | THE IMPERMANENCE OF BEING”


Nighat pumped the accelerator and the clutch in frustration. The traffic on Murree road at this time was absolutely crazy. The end-of-school rush was upon everyone and it was mostly the hapless parents or their designated drivers who were on the road at this time. The only other people who dared to brave the snakingContinue reading “SHORT STORY | LOVE IN RAWALPINDI – Part One”


I’ve seen the colours of lonelinessI’ve seen their moldering facesI’ve seen them fill the keening voids Of our broken, scattered places.It’s the grey of the sky just before it descendsIn blinding cascades Of granite and slate While waiting for that one special friend of the heart Who’s gone an infinite distance apart.Gone forever; not comingContinue reading “VERSE | THE SHADES OF LONELINESS”


A tribute (brutal and raw so we don’t forget) to all those courageous girls who have been made victims of our ugly patriarchal social fabric, and who have stood up to their tormentors/ violators and even their protectors to stop the abuse. And to those brave, brave girls who continue to fight to survive anotherContinue reading “VERSE| RAVAGED”


COLOMBO; SRI LANKA: December 20th, 2021: “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree Have a happy holiday! Everyone dancin’ merrily In the new old-fashioned way!” Deen sang aloud, with the crazed optimism of the generally reduced and the beaten down. He had dragged the unwieldy box of christmas decorations to the lobby entrance and had dived intoContinue reading “SHORT STORY|SOILANT GREEN* – Part 2”


COLOMBO; SRI LANKA: September 21st, 2021; 10pm: I breathed in deeply. I had to reduce my heart rate, get rid of all the disquieting thoughts ricocheting in my head and get my Calm back. I closed my eyes and focused on my chakras….each one visible, glowing, holding me safe…. There was a loud clamour fromContinue reading “SHORT STORY| SOILENT GREEN* – Part 1”

VERSE|The Lady with the Mona Lisa Smile

For the gracious Padmini Pelpola – the lady who lit up the porch every evening at number 12 Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha. We were in the throes of the affliction, all lives tossed quite asunder,Everyone struggling with their own version of their worlds-turned-upside-down.I too was grappling with the changesIn a curfew-riddled cocoon of my own.ThereContinue reading “VERSE|The Lady with the Mona Lisa Smile”

VERSE| I Need To Find You Again

This dedication i wrote 8 years ago for my mother who passed away in October 2012 after a very brave, very arduous battle with cancer. She’s missed everyday, but now also celebrated every day. She remains the Queen of our Hearts. My heart’s shattered into little pieces.My mind struggles to synthesise reality.I find myself suspendedContinue reading “VERSE| I Need To Find You Again”

VERSE|Thank you for the Joy – Part 2

For my beautiful, wise mother on what would have been her 72nd birthday on the 8th of July 2020. And to all the other wonderful mothers who have left us too soon ❤️🌺 Sometimes I wake up in the morningFeeling a little less vibrant, a little more melancholy…I get dressed, and I look in theContinue reading “VERSE|Thank you for the Joy – Part 2”

VERSE|I Am Dystopia!

WHEN NATURE ROARS 2020 dawned on us, full of the goodness of even numbers,Of existential vision perfection, insight, wisdom; all symbolic rumbles,Of good things to come, of new beginnings and of blithesome continuity,Of travel and adventure, of togetherness and sunny opportunity.Just when the new year smile from our lips spread,To brighten the providential gleam inContinue reading “VERSE|I Am Dystopia!”