There was once a blade of grassShining an emerald green It swished it’s bright little head In the gently flowing breeze The other plants stood tall and proud They seemed miles away The little blade grew in his glade In the warmth of sunny days One day a big machine rolled inWith a mighty roarContinue reading “VERSE | RISE”


Brightened by the glimmer of starsI am the shadowy shade of the night I am the colour of the mysterious cat All you can see of her are her eyes I’m the colour of the scuttling beetle Of the bear that lives in a cave I’m the hue of the berries that he eats I’mContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS – COLOURS | RAVEN”


Almonds and walnuts, cholocate and gingerAll share the colour that I amWoodchucks that chuck wood, baskets and bagelsI am the colour of a beaver damI am the colour of the moose and the swaying camelThe ruddy duck and the wolverine,Wood and toast, I am the colour of roastThe garden snail and the centipedeI am theContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS – COLOURS | ACORN”


I am the colour of cherry blossoms And of the beautiful magnolia I’m like the onion, chopping which is no fun I’m also the sweet flesh of the guava Himalayan salt and the Pygmy seahorse Are the colour of your little tongue Which is the same as the river dolphinI’m also the colour of bubbleContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS – COLOURS | GRAPEFRUIT”


I am the colour of cold winter daysWhen the snow falls in big flakes I’m the colour of the graceful swanThe seagull and the beluga whale I’m also half of a panda’s colours Of clouds and vanilla ice creamPersian cats and cauliflowers And the sweet smelling jasmineI’m the colour of your pearly teethThat you brushContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS – COLOURS | ARCTIC”


I am the colour of the dancing peacock And also of the humpback whale I’m the delicate shade of a robin’s eggsI am the colour of the racer snake I’m like the cresting and falling ocean I’m the shades of a summer skyI’m the colour of the planet Neptune As it orbits up on highContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS – COLOURS | PERIWINKLE”


I am the colour of ripe corn fields And of the dancing daffodil I’m the colour of cheese, if you please And also of the pineapple The singing canary is the same shadeAs the yolk of your breakfast egg Which is like the “get set” traffic light And the marmalade on your bread I’m theContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS – COLOURS | STRAW”


I’m the outside arch of the rainbowAnd the colour of tropical sunsets,I’m the colour of sweet scented roses I’m like the seeds of the pomegranate I’m the colour of the lovely ladybird Of lobsters and flamingoes The colour of rubies and autumn leaves Of watermelons and tomatoes I’m the colour of the fiery garnet AndContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS – COLOURS | CHERRY”


I’m the colour of fresh spring grass And the colour of peas in a podI’m also what many a parrot looks like And the colour a grasshopper’s got I’m the tint on crunchy, young applesOn honeydew, pears and grapes I’m the colour of the Nile crocodile and the slith-slithering grass snake I’m the colour ofContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS – COLOURS | LEAFY”


Ursa Minor and Ursa Major also called the Big Bear and the Little Bear and the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper, are constellations in the night sky. The Polaris or the North Star is part of Ursa Minor’s tail and is located above the North Pole. Sailors and other people traveling at night haveContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS | THE LITTLE BEAR”


Golden Repair or Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver or platinum. There was once a china mugHe was some twelve years old He’d done his job dutifully Holding drinks both hot and cold Over the years theContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS | GOLDEN REPAIR”


Stinky poo was a LemurThe ring tailed variety He had the foulest smell of Any lemur in history. He tied his wrists and chest with Leaves and grasses he could find To hide the smell he gave off, but It was a failed enterprise! The matron of his lemur group Would chase him as sheContinue reading “KIDSBOOKS | STINKY POO”