There was once a flush toilet
His name was Potty-mouth
He sat in a corner in the loo
Facing the sunny south

His other friends, the Sink and Tub
would laugh at silly jokes
But Potty-mouth, with his constant pout
Was just a miserable bloke

Every time that he was flushed
He would sniffle in despair
Leaking tearfully into his bowl
And fogging up the air

The others asked him why so sad
To which he’d say to them
You would be too if someone pooped
All over your porcelain

One day a man came into the loo
And removed Potty from his place
The sink and tub were agog
Where was he taking their mate?

A few days later they heard a shout
From the window of the loo
They peeked out and saw Potty mouth
Painted a beautiful sky blue

Summer flowers were blooming away
Daisies, petunias and cosmos
They stood tall in his porcelain bowl
He was now a quaint little flower pot


Oval Doval was an egg
And what an egg he was
With his smooth and shiny shell
He was the loveliest egg you saw.

He was spherically dashing
Nothing about him was lean
He was much wiser than his uncle
Humpty Dumpty had ever been

He would roll around the park
But would not play with a ball
He knew that if it bounced on him
He would break, yolk and all.

He also would not climb
Walls and fences with his friends
His uncle had a great big fall
And after couldn’t be mended

So Oval whirled and twirled all day
While staying on the ground
Smiling widely at everyone
Bobbing his big head around

Then one day a crow flying by
Pecked him on the nose
Oval said - “if you’d nibbled my head
I’d be fried egg on toast!”


There was once an Orange 
Who thought that he was green
He often wondered why they called him
Orange. Couldn’t they see?

He also wondered what the colour
Orange looked and felt like
So he asked his friend, Watermelon
To help him see and decide.

Watermelon thought so hard
His seeds were jumping up and down
Then suddenly they froze in place
There was a solution he had found!

He would show Orange his face
In a mirror on the wall
Then Orange would finally know
What the colour orange looked like after all.

So they both rolled up to the glass
And stared at their reflections
Orange said “See, I’m green too”
“We are both of us watermelons!”


Dragzo was a dragonfly 
The naughtiest one there was.
He loved to leap from high places
And turn mid-air somersaults.

One day he went to the jungle cafe
To get some snacks to eat
He ate his body weight of food
Oh my! It was quite a feast!

Then feeling energetic
he thought he’d play some tricks.
So he droned on Senor Gecko’s face
And nibbled at his cheeks

He climbed up Lady Bug’s antenna
To count her lovely spots
He liked them so much in fact
He tried to steal the lot.

Lady Bug shook her head
And threw naughty Dragzo off
He spread his dazzling wings out wide
And gave her a cheeky laugh

Daddy dragonfly walked in then
And caught his naughty son
He took him home and tucked him in saying
‘My boy, that is enough fun!’

From the dragonfly family pond
We bid you all good night
Hugs and kisses all around
Tuck yourselves in tight.


There was once a platypus 
Her name was Patty Hill
Her tail was like a beaver’s
And her mouth like a duck’s bill

She had two eggs that hatched into
A little girl and a boy
She’d sweat out milk for them to drink
And sing them lullabies.

She lived in a little den
By the riverside
And when she went to look for food
With dirt she’d plug it tight

She’d tuck her children into bed
While she went out to fish
Shrimp and caterpillars
Were her all time favourite dish

One day she came home to find
A mean old water snake
He was sniffing out her puggles
To put into his cake

Patty Hill growled at him
And stung him with her spur
He got so scared he dropped his skin
And slithered back to the river.

So if youre ever by the lake
And spy a beaver with a bill
Be sure to wave hello to it
It’s probably Patty hill

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