There was once a flush toilet
His name was Potty-mouth
He sat in a corner in the loo
Facing the sunny south

His other friends, the Sink and Tub
would laugh at silly jokes
But Potty-mouth, with his constant pout
Was just a miserable bloke

Every time that he was flushed
He would sniffle in despair
Leaking tearfully into his bowl
And fogging up the air

The others asked him why so sad
To which he’d say to them
You would be too if someone pooped
All over your porcelain

One day a man came into the loo
And removed Potty from his place
The sink and tub were agog
Where was he taking their mate?

A few days later they heard a shout
From the window of the loo
They peeked out and saw Potty mouth
Painted a beautiful sky blue

Summer flowers were blooming away
Daisies, petunias and cosmos
They stood tall in his porcelain bowl
He was now a quaint little flower pot

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