There was once a platypus 
Her name was Patty Hill
Her tail was like a beaver’s
And her mouth like a duck’s bill

She had two eggs that hatched into
A little girl and a boy
She’d sweat out milk for them to drink
And sing them lullabies.

She lived in a little den
By the riverside
And when she went to look for food
With dirt she’d plug it tight

She’d tuck her children into bed
While she went out to fish
Shrimp and caterpillars
Were her all time favourite dish

One day she came home to find
A mean old water snake
He was sniffing out her puggles
To put into his cake

Patty Hill growled at him
And stung him with her spur
He got so scared he dropped his skin
And slithered back to the river.

So if youre ever by the lake
And spy a beaver with a bill
Be sure to wave hello to it
It’s probably Patty hill

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