Oval Doval was an egg
And what an egg he was
With his smooth and shiny shell
He was the loveliest egg you saw

He was round and handsome
Nothing about him was lean
He was much wiser than his uncle
Humpty Dumpty had ever been

He would roll around the park
But would not play with a ball
He knew that if it bounced on him
He would break, yolk and all

He also would not climb
Walls and fences with his friends
His uncle had a great big fall
And had broken his big egg head

So Oval whirled and twirled all day
While staying on the ground
Smiling happily at everyone
Bobbing his big head around

Then one day a crow flying by
Pecked him on the nose
Oval said “if you’d nibbled my head
I’d be fried egg on toast!”

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