Dragzo was a dragonfly 
The naughtiest one there was
He loved to jump from high places
And turn mid-air somersaults

One day he went to the jungle cafe
To get some snacks to eat
He ate his body weight of food
It was quite a feast!

Then feeling energetic
He thought he’d play some tricks
So he droned on Senor Gecko’s face
And nibbled at his cheeks

He climbed up Lady Bug’s antenna
To count her lovely spots
He liked them so much in fact
He tried to steal the lot

Lady Bug shook her head
And threw naughty Dragzo off
He spread his shining wings out wide
And gave her a cheeky laugh

Daddy dragonfly walked in then
And caught his naughty son
He put him to bed and then he said
‘My boy, that is enough fun!’

From the dragonfly family pond
We bid you all good night
Hugs and kisses all around
Tuck yourselves in tight

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