Faith: more and more, a tenuous ideology as it has traditionally existed. Increasingly, we are seeing how conventional belief systems are becoming less and less able to minister to the spiritual needs of believers at large. As our spheres of existence evolve, leaping and bounding into the digital age; as we progressively become part ofContinue reading “OPINION | FAITH”


Asha adjusted her bra after a final pat on its other, non-fleshy contents; the fifteen thousand rupees now nestling securely in its pendulous grasp. It was the day she had to drop off the rent at her landlord’s house on her way back from work. She smiled widely and catching her reflection in the littleContinue reading “SHORT STORY| THE GODS OF FURY”


We are such a plagued nation, full of dichotomies and hypocrisies. We are like the disillusioned but swaggeringly confident local thug who goes around, bellowing and thundering. His sole purpose being to threaten and intimidate his neighbourhood so that he can get some semblance of attention. Respectability, patience and civility have forsaken our national psycheContinue reading “OPINION| OUR BLOOD-LETTING BLASPHEMY LAWS”

OPINION|Love in the Time of the Mullah**

Recently there was a simple, endearing display of affection between a couple that had just decided to spend the rest of their lives together. The proposal was made on the University of Lahore campus amidst their friends and was followed by an affectionate hug between the couple. That embrace was so demonised by the vocalContinue reading “OPINION|Love in the Time of the Mullah**”


It’s the little joys in life That lift and hug the soul;It’s the little brushes with sublimityThat paint the rosiest strokes It’s the steaming mugs of tea sharedWith a friend, over confidences and laughter;The mugs wrapped in hands as warm as the hearts That are bonding, ministering, healing … and afterMemorializing that perfect little momentContinue reading “VERSE| AN ODE TO LITTLE JOYS”


Day ends and darkness sweeps in,Enveloping the ready and the unready into its blackened folds.It scuttles into crannies and leaps into fissures,Blotting out the light for another 8 hours … or eternity…Tonight, am I happy to be in its restful, warm embrace Galvanizing my body and my spirit for tomorrow? Or am i dreading theContinue reading “VERSE|MY CHOICE TO MAKE”


A tribute to the brave young men and women who battle everyday to come to terms with their identity and a perennially judgmental, dogmatic society. May each of you find the strength to be the truest and best version of yourself. Geena woke up with a monster of a headache. She sat up slowly, disoriented,Continue reading “SHORT STORY|A BRAVE NEW WORLD*”

OPINION|Farenheit 786*

Eenie meenie miny mo, Catch a nig** by his toe, If he screams let him go, Eenie meenie miny mo A lilting rhyme from our childhood, that is as replete with racial nuance as ever there was any prescript especially formulated for a far right enthusiast. Imprinted on impressionable minds around the world; imparted inContinue reading “OPINION|Farenheit 786*”

VERSE|I Am Dystopia!

WHEN NATURE ROARS 2020 dawned on us, full of the goodness of even numbers,Of existential vision perfection, insight, wisdom; all symbolic rumbles,Of good things to come, of new beginnings and of blithesome continuity,Of travel and adventure, of togetherness and sunny opportunity.Just when the new year smile from our lips spread,To brighten the providential gleam inContinue reading “VERSE|I Am Dystopia!”

OPINION|The Consciously Blazing World*

A Post-Colonial/ Post Abolition Prescription for Healing and Moving On 2020 has become the proverbial skeleton in our collective human closet that has been, quite clamorously, wanting out. From the Australian bushfires to the Californian wildfires to the south Asian locust infestation, to flash floods, to the still raging Pandemic, Nature has been rapping herContinue reading “OPINION|The Consciously Blazing World*”

POLITICAL FARCE|Gone With the ‘Tind’*

The “Brown Sahib” Aspirations of the 45th POTUS Until very recently, i thought that the Brown Sahib* state of mind was the social cross borne by certain privileged demographics of the previously colonised and the enslaved. After 500 years of seeing the White Man do his thing, while ruling and owning large swathes of humanity,Continue reading “POLITICAL FARCE|Gone With the ‘Tind’*”

REFLECTION|Something’s Gotta Give

“Now is the winter of our discontent, Made more [in]glorious by this son of [New]York”* or by the son of any other metropolis anywhere else in the world really. The onset of the third decade of the 21st century has become a tipping point for humanity on so many fronts. All grim reminders of whereContinue reading “REFLECTION|Something’s Gotta Give”