There was once a bumble bee
She had a very big head
When she tried to fly up high
She went quickly south instead

Her friends would always laugh at her
“There’s big noggin Sue!”
Big-Head Sue, would feel quite blue
If only she could be bee-utiful too!

Then in spring, Prince Charming
Thought he’d have a ball
All the ladies in the land
Were invited one and all!

Big-Head Sue was a nervous mass of
Fidgety legs, oh dear!
But she wore pretty daffodil wreaths
Around each of her feelers

It was quite a test to fly north-west
But she made it for the dance
The Prince, he was just coming in
With crown and cloak and lance

There was a murmur in the crowd
As he flew onto the floor
His crown was the biggest they’d ever seen
But his head was even more!

Prince Charming looked around the room
For a partner for his dance
He smiled as he looked at Big-Head Sue
It was the start of a new romance

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