Cici was a chilli pepper
She sat in the Greens section
She was red and shiny
She’d just come out of the sun

She’d held onto her little stem
For ninety days all spring
And when she was big and strong
She was plucked and brought in

A gentleman in a little hat
Stopped by the veggie aisle
He dipped his hand in the chilli stand
And filled his bag with a smile

Cici had a little scar
Near where her stem had been
It had grown a little bit
In the last day or three

The other chilli peppers
Looked at their sibling
What if the gent didn’t like that dent
And threw her in the bin!

As the days went by, the gent
Cooked up delicious meals
All the other peppers became
A part of his food history

Only little Cici now
Remained in the airtight jar
She had grown very afraid
A bitter end didn’t seem too far!

That evening when the sun still shone
The gent took out Cici
She watched him as he gently took
Out her little seeds

He planted them in a pot
On his sun-shiny balcony
Little Cici is now growing
A whole new family

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