There was once a dust bunny
She lived on top of the fridge
She’d been there for many years
Sitting just upon the edge

Sometimes when a wayward breeze
Blew in with nimble steps
Dusty would fluff herself up -
Old hair, lint and spider webs

She’d roll around her fridge-top home
Laughing gleefully
Gleaming just a little bit
With static electricity

That was her super power you see
That tiny bit of spark
That kept her different parts together
She sometimes glowed in the dark!

One day the lady of the house
Turned on the light switch
With a cleaning cloth in hand
She dusted down the fridge

Little Dusty scampered round
As she was pursued
By the giant hand that bore
A cloth of red and blue

She was so very afraid
She fainted for a while
And when she woke up again
She was in for a surprise!

Little Dusty, now could see
The whole room from up high
The tiny ball of fuzz had grown
To twice her normal size!

Dusty laughed and leaped and skipped
And off the fridge she rolled
Now she could run everywhere
The whole house was now her home.


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