Quibble was a caterpillar 
Grumpy as they come
He’d scowl at all who came his way
Always looking glum

He’d eat his way through the leaves
Of the milkweed plants around him
He’d kick his brothers and sisters away
If near him he found them

He crunched and munched incessantly
Until his skin grew tight
And he couldn’t lift a leg or six
However hard he tried

He was extra grumpy now
Feeling like a balloon
So he wove himself a silken bed
And thought he’d take a snooze

He groused and grumbled in his sleep
For twelve whole days and nights
And then crawled out of bed legs first
Feeling blithe and feather-light

Quibble wondered why he wasn’t
Frowning at the world
When suddenly he discovered
His wings of black and gold

He spread them out delightedly
And went soaring in the sky
Quibble the caterpillar was now
Monarch the butterfly

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