There was once a little girl
Who lived in a cave
She could climb up trees and dive
And was also very brave

One day she saw a big fat bear
Who wanted to come in
But this was her cave so she growled
Back louder at him

He was so surprised
That he dropped his furry coat
And stood in the forest
Looking like a billy goat.

She felt sorry for the bear
Who sat coatless on the floor
So she picked up his fallen fur
And led him through the door.

Then she made the shivering beast
Sit down on a chair
While she sewed the big brown coat
Back onto the bare bear.

He was happy that he’d got
Back his winter coat
He now looked bear-ish again
And not like billy goat.

So then the little girl
And the bear became good friends
She called him Grizzly Brown
And he called her Miss Lorenz

Every day the two would play
For hours upon hours
Exploring their jungle home
And having big adventures

And when the sun sank into bed
And the stars came out to play
The two friends said “Goodnight my friend,
Until the next day!”

Published by Mahvash K. M.

A wandering “desi” and a corporate chicken who’s flown the proverbial coop is what I currently am. Have chosen the sultry island of Sri Lanka for my wandering/ experiential activities. Writing something- anything really, has been on the bucket list for a great old while. Finally putting some pixel energy behind the cause! This blog is about a wide gamut of stories, opinions, ideas, characters, storms in teacups, extraterrestrials, food for the soul (and some not so much), space (of the cosmic and personal varieties), cutting edge psychoanalytic analyses, and sunsets (Dysania-struck so probably no sunrises!) – all presented to you from a wide array of coffee shops across my modest globe-trotting sojourns. Here’s to enjoying the ride together!

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