* ICARUS: One of the most famous tragic figures in Greek mythology, his story highlights the dangers of excessive pride/ fixation. Although he was warned by his father not to fly too high, Icarus became overexcited and flew too close to the sun, causing his wings (made by his father,from feathers and wax) to melt and leading to his untimely death.
This is a bit of satire on the old Greeks of mythology.
There was once a young woman 
She had this special thing
One can’t call it love you see
The Sun was her heart’s king

She’d look up at the sky all day
In spring and then in summer
Winter woes came down in throes
Not seeing him was a bummer

But she’d then glue her sun-sick eyes
Upon the tele-vusion
Watching classics and Sci-Fi
Of beaches and nuclear fusion

(Fission, I admit, is a grander term
But it’s a small explosion
Through staid old Fusion doth the sun
Make Helium from Hydrogen)

One day on her 60th birthday
She’d had it with long distance
She put her crafty hands to work
She wasn’t losing one more instant

She made herself some silver wings
With aluminium and nylon string
And then up to the roof she went
To flap, flap up to her king

It was probably mind over matter that
Got her five feet above the roof
The Sun finally said “Icarus in your 35th
Incarnation, you’re still a goof”.

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