Lumen was a firefly
He had a special light
It blinded all who looked at him
It was so very bright

The elders of his colony
Would oftentimes advise
“Lumen can you please turn down
That fiery bright light!”

But try as hard as he might
Lumen just could not dim
His special light that shone so bright
Sometimes blinding even him!

Then one day a dust storm
Came upon their park
All the fireflies floating around
Got lost in the dark

Their faint glows did not light up
The way home for them to see
Some tumbled into bushes
Some went crashing into trees

Then suddenly a brightness
Came gliding on the breeze
It was Lumen who’d come looking
For his friends and family

The fire flies then made a chain
All quite scared and wind blown
And Lumen with his bright, bright light
Led them back safely home


  1. Arshad Abdullah

    When I was very young, I remember going out at night looking for fireflies and trying to catch them. Those nights were beautiful and still bring joy to my heart and pleasantly fills my soul with a feeling I can’t explain. Thanks for this Mahvash

    Liked by 1 person

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