La de da de da, sang the Arum
As she rustled her giant leaves
It was her seventh birthday today
She’d been sung happy birthday by all the trees

She was feeling especially grand today
As she nestled her very first bud
She was going to flower any day
A thing of beauty rising from the mud.

That night when the moon was high in the sky
In the lush rainforest of Sumatra
The Titan Arum sat in prideful state
As her first ever bud blossomed into flower

She giggled and shook her big big leaves
Sending out waves of her special pong
Her smell reminds some of Limburger cheese
Others of socks that have been worn for too long!

The rotting smell is a sweet bouquet
For dung and sweat beetles and flesh flies
They set out to pollinate the new bloom
Inhaling the stench with happy sighs

The magnificent flower stayed facing the sun
A beautiful splash of burgundy red colour
Its frilly edges rippling in the wind
Like an upturned bell on the forest floor.

Three days and nights the Arum flower bloomed
And then collapsed onto the ground
Its short life was one big adventure
Of funky smells and insect sounds!

Seven years on, there will be a new bud
For forty years this cycle will repeat
But in between the hulking plant returns
To its quiet life on its hillside steep.

Published by Mahvash K. M.

A wandering “desi” and a corporate chicken who’s flown the proverbial coop is what I currently am. Have chosen the sultry island of Sri Lanka for my wandering/ experiential activities. Writing something- anything really, has been on the bucket list for a great old while. Finally putting some pixel energy behind the cause! This blog is about a wide gamut of stories, opinions, ideas, characters, storms in teacups, extraterrestrials, food for the soul (and some not so much), space (of the cosmic and personal varieties), cutting edge psychoanalytic analyses, and sunsets (Dysania-struck so probably no sunrises!) – all presented to you from a wide array of coffee shops across my modest globe-trotting sojourns. Here’s to enjoying the ride together!

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