Glumbus Bean was a sad little cloud
All day he’d cry his little eyes out
While his other friends played fun games in the sky
Glumbus would sit by himself and cry

One day while he was bawling away
And sneezing out cold sleet
Mr Gale-Force-Wind came rushing in
On speedy, nimble feet

He looked at Glumbus’s wet face
And tumbled around with laughter
I’ve never seen a nimbus cloud
Who did a great job and sobbed after!

You are the rainy season cloud
And naturally you cry
But these are not unhappy tears
That’s just the way you fly!

You’re the best little Cloud School student
That I have ever seen
So keep your rainy rivers flowing
You’re an ace, Glumbus Bean!

Glumbus Bean smiled happily
All over his cloudy face
It pitter-pattered rain that day
As he skipped about the place.

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