There was once an orchid 
With beautiful white flowers
She loved lots of sunshine
And gentle rain showers

Her petals looked like little moths
Fluttering in the breeze
She lived between two branches
Of the great banyan tree

The bigger plants were kind to her
And let her play with them
She’d sway her snowy flowers about
And shake her leafy stem

One day it rained so very hard
Moth orchid was quite drenched
Her head of flowers hung down low
Touching the wooden bench

The plants around her tried to help
But could not pick her up
She drooped towards the bench some more
And there her stem got stuck

When the rain finally stopped
The gardener ambled out
He saw poor Mothy on the bench
And took her in the house

He put her in some coconut husk
And kept her indoors for a day
Then put her back on the banyan tree
Where she still lives, grows and plays.

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