I wake up, my mind numb, my legs feelingLike 10 kg bags of wet cement Have been tied to my ankles; weighting Me down, ripping a dentWith my name in the fabric of the universe.I think briefly of yesterday, it was the reverseOf the state of my mind, as it ties and it bindsMe todayContinue reading “VERSE | THE IMPERMANENCE OF BEING”


It is feeling like the world has overcome You body and soul and then some It’s like drowning in a bottomless sea Gasping, gasping, trying to breathe Sputtering, choking reaching for airCrashing, thrashing limbs everywhere;It’s feeling the whole world closing inVision blurring, darkness descending. It’s being sure that many endings are near:Of wanting, of livingContinue reading “VERSE | THE ANATOMY OF HOPE”


You ask me if I’m alright …I am alright, but the stabbing ache in my heart is not alright.You ask me if I’m ok …I am ok, but the stranglehold of despair around my throat is not ok You ask me if I’m fine …I am fine, but the icy grip of fear in myContinue reading “VERSE| I AM ALRIGHT”


Our Earth, now home to almost 8 billion humans. Also home to 153 million orphan children. Also the nursery to 140 million new births every year. Empirical population statistics when you look at each one individually. But when you connect them via the human equation, one can see the bizarre manifestation of our humanity goneContinue reading “OPINION|CHILDREN OF MEN*”


A tribute to the brave young men and women who battle everyday to come to terms with their identity and a perennially judgmental, dogmatic society. May each of you find the strength to be the truest and best version of yourself. Geena woke up with a monster of a headache. She sat up slowly, disoriented,Continue reading “SHORT STORY|A BRAVE NEW WORLD*”


I’ve been meaning to put this hitherto confusing, emotionally wounding mass of thoughts to paper/ tablet for a while now. So far, through all the varied attempts over the last 8 years, I’ve always choked on the words in my mind; cocooned in a kind of benumbing Writer’s Block if you will. So here iContinue reading “OPINION| A GRACIOUS FAREWELL”


Some background to this piece is essential I feel, to give it that bit of relatable relevance. Felicia’s character is based on an old family friend in Sri Lanka who is as lovely as she is absolutely, delightfully eccentric. Donald Rajapakse is a more sinister inspiration, based on the character of a man whom iContinue reading “SHORT STORY|A TWILIGHT IN TAPROBANA”


Another day breaks on Paradise island,Little glimmers of it coming through the gap at the top of the curtain railThat was a structural detail I hadn’t intended to but quite happily overlooked when I was putting up my blackout drapes.Still in bed, from the play of light and shadow on my wall,I know whether it’sContinue reading “VERSE|PARADISE EARTH”


COLOMBO; SRI LANKA: September 21st, 2021; 10pm: I breathed in deeply. I had to reduce my heart rate, get rid of all the disquieting thoughts ricocheting in my head and get my Calm back. I closed my eyes and focused on my chakras….each one visible, glowing, holding me safe…. There was a loud clamour fromContinue reading “SHORT STORY| SOILENT GREEN* – Part 1”

VERSE|The Lady with the Mona Lisa Smile

For the gracious Padmini Pelpola – the lady who lit up the porch every evening at number 12 Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha. We were in the throes of the affliction, all lives tossed quite asunder,Everyone struggling with their own version of their worlds-turned-upside-down.I too was grappling with the changesIn a curfew-riddled cocoon of my own.ThereContinue reading “VERSE|The Lady with the Mona Lisa Smile”

VERSE| I Need To Find You Again

This dedication i wrote 8 years ago for my mother who passed away in October 2012 after a very brave, very arduous battle with cancer. She’s missed everyday, but now also celebrated every day. She remains the Queen of our Hearts. My heart’s shattered into little pieces.My mind struggles to synthesise reality.I find myself suspendedContinue reading “VERSE| I Need To Find You Again”

VERSE|I Am Dystopia!

WHEN NATURE ROARS 2020 dawned on us, full of the goodness of even numbers,Of existential vision perfection, insight, wisdom; all symbolic rumbles,Of good things to come, of new beginnings and of blithesome continuity,Of travel and adventure, of togetherness and sunny opportunity.Just when the new year smile from our lips spread,To brighten the providential gleam inContinue reading “VERSE|I Am Dystopia!”