I am the colour of cold winter days
When the snow falls in big flakes
I’m the colour of the graceful swan
The seagull and the beluga whale

I’m also half of a panda’s colours
Of clouds and vanilla ice cream
Persian cats and cauliflowers
And the sweet smelling jasmine

I’m the colour of your pearly teeth
That you brush well twice a day
I’m the colour of rice and milk
And also of the polar bear

I’m the shade of the coat of a billy goat
Of dandelions and ice
I am the dazzle of daytime brightness
I am the gleaming colour WHITE


I am the colour of the dancing peacock 
And also of the humpback whale
I’m the delicate shade of a robin’s eggs
I am the colour of the racer snake

I’m like the cresting and falling ocean
I’m the shades of a summer sky
I’m the colour of the planet Neptune
As it orbits up on high

I’m the color of your little hands when
They’ve held these Smarties too long
I’m the colour of some millipedes,
Of macaws and the moor frog

The emperor butterfly lifts off
In lovely shades of this hue
The earth itself when seen from afar
Is this incredible colour BLUE.


I am the colour of ripe corn fields 
And of the dancing daffodil
I’m the colour of cheese, if you please
And also of the pineapple

The singing canary is the same shade
As the yolk of your breakfast egg
Which is like the “get set” traffic light
And the marmalade on your bread

I’m the colour of little ducklings
Of vanilla cake and sunflowers
Some butterflies and jelly beans
Of tennis balls and bananas

I’m the colour of the fading bruise
On your knee, as it gently mellows
I’m the gleam in the sunlight healing you
I am the shimmering colour YELLOW.


I’m the outside arch of the rainbow
And the colour of tropical sunsets,
I’m the colour of sweet scented roses
I’m like the seeds of the pomegranate

I’m the colour of the lovely ladybird
Of lobsters and flamingoes
The colour of rubies and autumn leaves
Of watermelons and tomatoes

I’m the colour of the fiery garnet
And the hue of fresh strawberries
the colour of some skittles and rambutan
And of playfully dancing poppies

I’m the coppery glow of the planet Mars
Shining down from the sky overhead
I’m the colour of your cheeks when you beam with joy
I am the radiant colour RED.


I’m the colour of fresh spring grass 
And the colour of peas in a pod
I’m also what many a parrot looks like
And the colour a grasshopper’s got

I’m the tint on crunchy, young apples
On honeydew, pears and grapes
I’m the colour of the Nile crocodile
and the slith-slithering grass snake

I’m the colour of the beautiful jade stone
And the rustling leaves on trees
Im also the the colour of your lovely face
when you’ve had too much ice cream!

I’m the colour of the deep dark woods,
The loveliest marble you’ve ever seen!
I’m sometimes also called Mother Nature
I am the beautiful colour GREEN


The Polaris or the North Star is part of Ursa Minor’s tail and is located above the North Pole. Sailors and other people traveling at night have long used Polaris to tell which way is north.

There was once a shiny patch 
Of seven little stars
She was called the Ursa Minor
You couldn’t see her from afar

One day Father Chaos
Came whooshing on a gale
He plucked away the littlest star
In Ursa Minor’s tail

The Little Bear felt wonky
And then her head, it drooped
Ursa Major huffed and puffed
Her baby did not look good!

Mother Cosmos felt the pain
In Ursa Major’s sighs
She floated out the window
Of her castle in the sky

“What do we have here now
Ursa Minor’s lost a star?
Oh skies of blue, that just won’t do!
Let’s see now - Here you are!”

With that she waved a kindly hand
And opened up her fist
And dropped a sheeny shiny star
The brilliant Polaris

Ursa Minor looked at her tail
As it shone near and far
Many a traveller now finds her way
In the twinkle of her North Star


Golden Repair or Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver or platinum.

There was once a china mug
He was some twelve years old
He’d done a very good job
Holding drinks both hot and cold

Over the years the china mug
Had seen his share of strain
His rim was chipped in two places
He had permanent tea stains

But he was quite a trooper
He never lost his smile
Even when the bright new mugs
Would tease him all the while

One day the lady of the house
Was wiping down the sink
Her hand hit the china mug
And down he went crashing

He lay in five odd pieces
Across the kitchen floor
The lady picked them all up
And put them in a drawer

Ten days later the other mugs
Saw a creature most divine!
A pretty china mug laced
With lovely golden lines

It’s me the old china mug!
He said smiling at their stares
I’ve just been mended gently
With love and Golden Repair

And so it is with old things
Friendships, mugs and toys
With love and care, gentle repair
They bring constant joy


Stinky poo was a Lemur
The ring-tailed variety
He had the stinkiest smell of
Any lemur in history

He covered his wrists and chest with
Leaves and grasses he could find
But his smell still filled the air
It was impossible to hide

The leader of his lemur group
Would chase him as she yelled
Wear a string of jasmine flowers
Stinky Poo, you smell!

One day the local bully
Came slithering on the scene
“Which of you will be my lunch?
I’m going to count to three!”

There was pin drop silence
None of the lemurs spoke
When suddenly the mean old Boa
Began to cry and choke

Stinky had removed his leaves
And was dancing in the sand
His special stench had thrown a wrench
In Boa’s evil plans!

Boa left holding his breath
And never again was seen
Then everyone shook Stinky’s hand
And sniffed him respectfully


Lumen was a firefly
He had a special light
It blinded all who looked at him
It was so very bright

The elders of his colony
Would oftentimes advise
“Lumen can you please turn down
That fiery bright light!”

But try as hard as he might
Lumen just could not dim
His special light that shone so bright
Sometimes blinding even him!

Then one day a dust storm
Came upon their park
All the fireflies floating around
Got lost in the dark

Their faint glows did not light up
The way home for them to see
Some tumbled into bushes
Some went crashing into trees

Then suddenly a brightness
Came gliding on the breeze
It was Lumen who’d come looking
For his friends and family

The fire flies then made a chain
All quite scared and wind blown
And Lumen with his bright, bright light
Led them back safely home


Little Meg was a field ant
She had a wooden leg
She couldn’t crawl like the others did
She hoppity-hopped instead

She could not carry heavy crumbs
Of fruits and grains and sweets
She could only hoppity-hop
So she didn’t go on hunting sprees

While the rest of the colony
Went searching for their food
Little Meg stayed in the nest
And swept and cleaned their rooms

One day it rained for five whole hours
Flooding the whole world
Little Meg’s home too filled up
As the mud and leaves all swirled

The Queen then gathered all the ants
Something had to be done
A bridge to cross to higher ground
Away from the dangerous currents

Little Meg with her wooden leg
Hoppity-hopped to the front
“Your majesty with my Neem tree leg
I will get this job done”

While the other ants made mud balls
Little Meg went on ahead
She dropped each one in the rushing flow
And hoppity-hopped to place the next

Little Meg with her wooden leg
Got thousands to dry land
They still sing songs of her courage
That brave little field ant


Cici was a chilli pepper
She sat in the Greens section
She was red and shiny
She’d just come out of the sun

She’d held onto her little stem
For ninety days all spring
And when she was big and strong
She was plucked and brought in

A gentleman in a little hat
Stopped by the veggie aisle
He dipped his hand in the chilli stand
And filled his bag with a smile

Cici had a little scar
Near where her stem had been
It had grown a little bit
In the last day or three

The other chilli peppers
Looked at their sibling
What if the gent didn’t like that dent
And threw her in the bin!

As the days went by, the gent
Cooked up delicious meals
All the other peppers became
A part of his food history

Only little Cici now
Remained in the airtight jar
She had grown very afraid
A bitter end didn’t seem too far!

That evening when the sun still shone
The gent took out Cici
She watched him as he gently took
Out her little seeds

He planted them in a pot
On his sun-shiny balcony
Little Cici is now growing
A whole new family


There was once a bumble bee
She had a very big head
When she tried to fly up high
She went quickly south instead

Her friends would always laugh at her
“There’s big noggin Sue!”
Big-Head Sue, would feel quite blue
If only she could be bee-utiful too!

Then in spring, Prince Charming
Thought he’d have a ball
All the ladies in the land
Were invited one and all!

Big-Head Sue was a nervous mass of
Fidgety legs, oh dear!
But she wore pretty daffodil wreaths
Around each of her feelers

It was quite a test to fly north-west
But she made it for the dance
The Prince, he was just coming in
With crown and cloak and lance

There was a murmur in the crowd
As he flew onto the floor
His crown was the biggest they’d ever seen
But his head was even more!

Prince Charming looked around the room
For a partner for his dance
He smiled as he looked at Big-Head Sue
It was the start of a new romance