Hi ho! I’m a scarecrow 
I’m made of sticks and sawdust
Any clothes that you don’t want
I very happily adjust

Your little shirt might be too small
Your pants may come to my knees
But I just take some sawdust out
Wearing them becomes a breeze

So if you see me somewhere
In a field or in a glade
Drop off a scarf, a glove or a hat
Or a drawing that you’ve made

If you can put them onto me
That would be just a charm
But if they don’t fit, sometimes I’m big
Then just knot them on my arm

And if I’m already wearing
Too many clothes and it is hot
Don’t share any outer wear
Just wave and say good luck!

And that’s the Scarecrow Protocol
For all who pass us by
Sometimes it’s your clothes we’d like
At others, just a friendly hi!


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