I was so tired. I arrived at my grandmother’s house, Z___abad, at a little past 3pm. It was a cool mid-March evening and the slight chill in the air felt soothing. I made my way up the broad walkway towards the main house. The familiar spring foliage in the inner garden was in full, salutaryContinue reading “SHORT STORY|The Fatigue”

VERSE|The Severance

I should have seen it coming … I felt it coming.The personal angst, both sitting with their own.The self-deprecation; the momentary loathing; the struggle to dignify; the failure to clarify – The ever-triumphant Status Quo!He speaks; he accuses; he rails and he rants; He threatens; he shouts; he’s shaking – he’s livid.I recoil in disbelief;Continue reading “VERSE|The Severance”

VERSE|Thank you for the Joy

They say the creative types produce their best work while in the throes of incredible happiness, or while in the savage, unrelenting grip of immense anguish. Much like the perpetually conflicted Michaelangelo, who while being devoutly catholic was also inimitably homosexual. The constant inner conflict arguably served to inspire his best work, lesser known ofContinue reading “VERSE|Thank you for the Joy”