A smile is such a magical thing
Like a rainbow that has sprouted wings
Its pots of gold shimmering
In a dimpled firmament
Lifting the day
In its 180 degree euphoria
It is that precious loop
That adorns the mouth
In latitudes of joyfulness
Its bearings somewhere between
The heart and hypothalamus
A smile is a small piece
Of heart that is pulled out
Of its latticed, multi-ribbed house
A little boon of bliss
A bit of love set free
Into the ether of the world
That beautiful upturned arch
Of rapture and release
Stirring the organs and the feet
Defying the pull of gravity
I see your smile
Framing your face
I don’t know you but my heart lifts
Drawing its own curve on my lips
A gift bestowed for one received
A smile is that magical thing.
Image: Mike Savad

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