Hope visited me today 
She brought Grace and Calm
I looked at them comfusedly
Why had these three come?

I was lying in my bed
With Dejection and with Dread
I’d been in their company a while
They had spun their grisly web

I had lain in its hoary mesh
While its tendrils reached within
Shutting out the daylight hours
My world was dark and grim

The pain that they had released
Had also roused Masochist
He clutched me now in his eerie hold
I just couldn’t break that spell

The rushing, gushing tides of pain
Numbed memories that played
Over and over in a loop
Relentless, without a break

My heart bled from the holes that gaped
Wider with every wave
Of agony that swept through me
I had no desire to be saved

But now there was Courage too
With Love she looked at me
Grouping together in my chest
They held hands with the other three

Their other hands lay on my heart
Staunching the essence that fled
Out into the ravening veins
Of Dejection and of Dread

A gentle warmth spread through my flesh
I finally saw some light
Flitting, peeping, twinkling through
The blue gauze in my eyes

Hope and Calm and Love together
With Courage and Grace today
Came to sit with me a while
As in my bed I lay.
Image: Mireille Laroche

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