There have been extra days of rain 
Delaying the heat of the approaching summer
In spontaneous, joyful
Shimmering showers
It has streamed down or drizzled for hours
There has been a surge of butterflies
Yellow, brown, blue and white
Flitting all over the place
Happy for a few more days
Of life and vitality
I see them floating among the flowers
Cavorting in spring-lavished bowers
Treading warm currents of air
Over pavements where the cracks
Are speckled with dancing weeds
Over an emerald oasis of grass
Loop-de-looping when they pass
Another bloom
That’s sprung up between the blades
Glorious, serendipitous
Delirious on springtime bliss
They somersault back
To bestow a nectary kiss
On soft, dewy petal lips
Beating gossamer wings
Evanescent, paper-thin
Revelling in bountiful life
The inevasible heat
A distant ordeal
For now in their bejewelled flights
The spring-born butterflies
In pure rapture will remain
Celebrating the extra days of rain.
Image: Fine Art America

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