Day breaks and I’m asleep
But I can tell it’s dawn again
The light touches my retina
Through the barrier of my skin
It gently feels its way around
The darkness behind my shuttered lids
Then it sits itself down
Waiting for me to let it in
To start its morning ritual of
Dancing with my rods and cones
The caper sometimes morphs into
A red hot duel that is fought
Electro-impulsively in my brain
Where the battleground is wrought
Or we break into a marathon run
Away, away from every one
Flowing with the adrenaline
Out of the arteries, into the veins
I lead it where it needs to go
Some days we waltz, and on some
We antelope it out the door
Day breaks, I open my eyes to see
I’m wafting, floating into infinity

4 thoughts on “VERSE | RODS AND CONES

  1. Anonymous

    Well I am happy to have discovered you and that you have discovered a hitherto unused talent perhaps. Lovely poem with simplicity and complexity intermingled. I am pulled into your images. Keep going…let the poet out. (PS. the last line is just a little bit flat perhaps…if I, as a complete stranger – although a poet of 50 years – may gently critique. I wanted more surprise to be shown rather than just the expression of it happening.)

    Liked by 1 person

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