The Polaris or the North Star is part of Ursa Minor’s tail and is located above the North Pole. Sailors and other people traveling at night have long used Polaris to tell which way is north.

There was once a shiny patch 
Of seven little stars
She was called the Ursa Minor
You couldn’t see her from afar

One day Father Chaos
Came whooshing on a gale
He plucked away the littlest star
In Ursa Minor’s tail

The Little Bear felt wonky
And then her head, it drooped
Ursa Major huffed and puffed
Her baby did not look good!

Mother Cosmos felt the pain
In Ursa Major’s sighs
She floated out the window
Of her castle in the sky

“What do we have here now
Ursa Minor’s lost a star?
Oh skies of blue, that just won’t do!
Let’s see now - Here you are!”

With that she waved a kindly hand
And opened up her fist
And dropped a sheeny shiny star
The brilliant Polaris

Ursa Minor looked at her tail
As it shone near and far
Many a traveller now finds her way
In the twinkle of her North Star


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