Kaboom! Boom! Biff! Biff! Thud!
That’s the sound one hears from this stomatopod
As she pummels her prey like a wrecking ball
Breaking them up shells, pincers and all

She’s a warrior of an ancient line
Fierce and savage is this lass
She can punch the living daylights out
Of anyone who dares to show her sass

She has independently roaming eyes
Nothing escapes her fearsome glare
Your friend and you can run and hide
Ms. Mantis will follow you each with her stare

She’s not all bad; she has friends
They even have a secret code.
Their bodies iridescent in the sun
As they dance in their shallow pool abodes

She has a cousin whom she loves
Who lives in the warm Pacific waters
They meet up once in a while
And get up to all sorts of fun and laughter

If you chance to come very near her home
In the balmy swells of the Indian ocean
She’ll growl at you in scary tones
And get her boxer mode full on

And there we leave Miss Mantis Ali
Of the Mantis Shrimp family
Boxing champion of the deep blue
Fearless daredevil of the sea.


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