Beezle lived along the coast
Of the island of Tasmania
He looked a lot like a bear
With a crazy feeding mania

He was noisier than a steam engine
when he was ticked off
He’d snort and scream so loudly
That he’d end up with a cough

His friends asked him to take
Mood management lessons
To teach him to be sociable
And kick his anger obsession

But Beezle would just grumble
Under his breath at them
And walk back into the coolness
Of his great grand-daddy’s den

At twilight he would come out again
Snorting in disgust
He would look for food to eat
Fresh carrion was a must

He’d fight off anyone who came
Disturbing him at his meal
He’d growl out loud and even bite
Them if they didn’t leave

The other animals would stay
Far far away from him
They called him the Tasmanian devil
He was a hellish little thing!

And so I end this story of
Beezle the Purinina*
He still lives in his family den
And is still noisier than a hyena.
* Purinina: aboriginal name for the Tasmanian devil

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