Roller was a pangolin who lived in a Kapok tree
He’d sleep all day snoring away and wake up at three
Then he’d look up at the sky and see the sun still bright
He’d roll back into a ball and sleep until the night

When the moon was overhead and the stars were twinkling too
Roller would roll out of bed, thinking of his food
He had no teeth to brush, so he’d just wash his little face
Then he’d smile toothlessly and buff his keratinous scales

He’d venture out into the night, insects on his mind
His all time favourite foods were crunchy ants and termites
He’d use his long, long tongue to catch all his insect prey
And since he had no teeth, he’d swallow them straightaway

Roller would have loved to sing but he could only hiss
So once he’d eaten all he could, he’d hiss in total bliss
He’d roam around the forest floor, sticking his tongue out
Hissing at a Kapok tree and sometimes even a rock

This quirky looking animal puzzled many folks
Some wondered if he was in fact a moving artichoke
Others thought he looked like a pinecone with feet
There were many theories about this funny beast

Then one day some poachers came to steal Roller away
They wanted his lovely scales to sell on market day
But Roller’s secret hollow tree wasn’t easily found
So there he still lives today, blithely foraging around.

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