This is well meaning satire.  (Clarifying for the benefit of those readers who are still in awe of the Royals and may feel quite contrary about such outrageous literary endeavors 🤓)
Read to the lilt of “Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary, How does your garden grow?”
Harry Harry! 
You’re so contrary
How does this scandal go?
With Meghan talking
The Monarchy balking
And the Commonwealth all in a tizzy so.

Hairy Hairy!
The story’s getting scary!
As Archie’s peaches’n’cream glow ...
Was once under suspicion
Since the pasty skin condition
Is vital for the bluest blood to flow.

Marry Marry!
In crowns and skirts a-flarey
You had to jostle the imperial bough ...
Daddy did the right thing
Big brother duly followed him
You went and started a socio-cultural row.

Goblins and Fairies!
You wish that you could tarry
In Nevernever Land with Cap’n Hook ...
For reality’s a-biting
This game of thrones is frightening
And it just seems nicer to be hiding in a book.

For Friends and Adversaries!
To know was necessary
That is how great changes take root ...
So keep the commoner cloak on
The scandal’s far from being gone
Granny too’ll want to stomp her august boot.

But when all’s said and done ...

Its hurrah hurrah Harry!
You’ve been extraordinary
For calling out the system so ...
The bigoted beast’s a-fester
Of king and queen and jester
Dang! It’s been a cracker of a reality show!
*America’s Hat: a colloquial nickname for Canada


  1. Nabila Maniya

    Hello Mahwash,

    My friend, Naila Mehmood, cc’d, would like to include your poem “I Am Alright” in the Vasl Artists‘ Association’s newsletter below, with proper citations. Would you be okay with that?

    Nabila Maniya


    by Mahvash K. M.
    You ask me if I’m alright …
    I am alright, but the stabs of pain in my heart are not alright.

    You ask me if I’m ok …
    I am ok, but the stranglehold of despair around my throat is not ok

    You ask me if I’m fine …
    I am fine, but the icy grip of fear in my soul is not fine.

    I need to remove each shard of glass from my heart, one piercing sliver at a time;
    Even if a hole, an abysmal gorge remains, I can learn to fill it with other things, better things.

    I need to loosen the malevolent grip of hopelessness, one gnarled finger at a time;
    And learn to open myself up to the comfort of a quiet, gentle embrace.

    I need to thaw the icicles of dread, one knifelike lance at a time;
    and learn to warm my soul with the simple heat of being alive.

    I know that I need to learn to separate my angst from my being; learn to put the wretchedness to bed
    So that every so often, I am able to feel whole, happy and free.

    And so my friend, when you ask me if I am well
    I say, I am well because I’m learning to take care of the most fragile parts of myself.

    I will be alright; I will be fine; I will be ok

    Mahvash K. M. | March 16, 2021 at 1:48 PM | Tags: Bbcnews, Broken, CNN, Colombo, Despair, Faith, hope, learning, positivity, Sadness, SriLanka, theGuardian, thereset | Categories: Faith, poetry, verse, writing | URL:
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    Mahvash K. M. posted: ” This is fond, well meaning satire. (Clarifying for the benefit of those readers who are still in awe of the royals and may feel quite contrary at such outrageous literary endeavors [🤓] )Read to the lilt of “Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary, How does your gard”


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