Stinky poo was a Lemur
The ring-tailed variety
He had the stinkiest smell of
Any lemur in history

He covered his wrists and chest with
Leaves and grasses he could find
But his smell still filled the air
It was impossible to hide

The matron of his lemur group
Would chase him as she yelled
“Wear a garland of jasmine flowers
Stinky Poo, you smell!”

One day the local bully
Came slithering on the scene
“Which of you will be my lunch?
I’m going to count to three!”

There was pin drop silence
None of the lemurs spoke
When suddenly the mean old Boa
Began to gag and choke

Stinky had removed his leaves
And was dancing in the sand
His special stench had thrown a wrench
In Boa’s evil plans!

Boa left holding his breath
And never again was seen
Then everyone shook Stinky’s hand
And sniffed him respectfully