Theme: Growing pains with the arrival of a new brother or sister

“I don’t want a little sister!
And I don’t want a brother too!”
Said Adam with his cheeks puffed out
He was angry at the news
He did not want to share his toys
Nor share his mother and father
With another child who would
Live in his home forever

And so he stomped and huffed and puffed
And said “Nooo! The idea stinks!”
His parents looked at each other
And quietly tapped their chins
What were they to do they thought
With their one and only child
Adam never behaved like this
So angry and so wild

“Darling son, it is but natural
To have a balanced family
With a brother or a sister
Who can grow up and be
Your best friend, your playmate
Someone you can love
And you will always be our Adam
Our precious, oldest one”

But Adam still felt moody
And went up to his room
He couldn’t find his happy smile
So he wore his maddest frown
He looked at himself in the mirror
His reflection stared right back
His pouty face looked so silly
Hahaha! Hoohoo! He had to laugh!

When little Amara came into the world
And his parents brought her home
Adam looked at her for a while
At her cheeks and her tiny nose
He touched one small chubby hand
And when she held his little finger
He laughed his happy laugh and he knew
That he already loved his baby sister.
Image: Isabella Potgieter

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