Dear friends and family,

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I introduce my second book for the grownups – my book of poetry and essays titled SHIMMERING SCRAPS OF POETRY AND MADNESS. The book will be available across bookstores in Pakistan and Sri Lanka at the end of December 2022. Friends in SL can currently order it from the Jam Fruit Tree bookstore on Galle Road via call/WhatsApp to 072-7268078.


This is a collection of poems and essays, humble opinions, rumblings of the heart about the joys, the truths, the pain, the controversies, the funniness and the wonder that criss cross all our lives in one way or another. I have compiled them here because too many times, we are witnesses to profound beauty, love, dreams, desolation, prejudice and injustice and yet, we forget.

The contents of these pages range from the sublime to the ridiculous; from soaring on the wings of ecstacy to struggling with overwhelming despair; from the capricious joys of matrimony to the dubious delights of singledom; from the profound ecstasy in a mug of steaming latte to the ardent disappointment in a less than perfectly brewed cup of tea; from the comedic to the somber and from the customary to the controversial, this collection of poems and features encompasses them all.

Scraps of Poetry and Madness is a phrase borrowed from that literary Wonder Woman, Virginia Woolfe. For in this collection too, there is a stream of raw and strident, passive and ruminative, joyous and grief-bound, mad and glad thoughts that run like a melody through the entirety of its spine; and like a sore-throated bulbul (who also has some good-voice days) I have sung them all for my readers.


  1. Abey_at_Heathfield

    Hi Mahvash,

    This is great news. Well done…!! Will of course get myself a copy. Mathilde and I are in Colombo at the moment, and will be here till 15/12. From your blogs I know you are in Pakistan at the moment, and sad we have to miss you. Maybe next time….



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    1. Hi Mahiman,
      Thank you 😊 It’s been a productive year creatively speaking! Please do get copies of both my books: The Girl with the Paisley Dupatta and this one. They’re both available at my publisher’s bookstore and he’ll have them delivered them to you.
      Yes, in Lahore these days with Dad. Slow relaxed days so I’m getting in some work too. Missing you and Mathilde a second time in the last year or so. Hoping third time is the jinx-breaking charm!
      Have a good holiday and a safe trip back home.
      All my best


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