An ode to SALT. Because for some inexplicable reason amidst all the grocery trips, I actually ran out of it; and it is incredible how much it was missed in just that one evening.

Sticks and stones can break my bones 
But food with no salt is worse
You can recover from a blow to the head
There’s nothing like a saltless curse

The winter cold can chill your bones
Your teeth chatter, your dentures roll
But no salt where there should be some
Leaves your soul with a gaping hole

Spring can come awash with flowers
And also pollen to clog your lungs
But the lack of salt in a bowl of daal
Is like missing two or three vital organs

Pasta Pomodoro, Fish and chips
Chicken karahi and Reshmi kebabs
De-salt the hearts of these delights
And You’re left with textured slag

Lightly, medium or brazenly salted
It all comes alive with NaCl
Briny tears of sadness and laughter
Life is an alchemy of this mineral

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