I sometimes wonder if I heard
A new rustle in the trees
Would I be brave enough
To open up my door and see

I wonder if I ever heard
Its tread outside my place
Would I be calm and ready
To meet it face to face

I might sit still holding my breath
This would be something new
But it is all eventual
It’s what we all go through

If it looked at me and held
Out its hoary palm
I wonder if I’d have courage enough
To clasp it in my own

If it stood to lead ahead
Waiting for my cue
I wonder if I would follow it
Into the cosmic blue

If indeed it came to me
While I was fast asleep
I wonder if I would float away
On wings of final dreams

And so I hope that when I hear
My name called to depart
That in serenity and grace I walk
The all-eternal path

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