“Get away from me, Little Cow*
You’re blocking out the light!”
Shrieked a ladybug pushing
Little Cow’s ample behind

Little Cow sighed in sorrow
She hated her portliness
It got in the way every single day
It dampened her happiness

Little Cow was a ladybug
But she was quite gigantic
And so she was forever being
Screamed at and chided

One day there was a snowstorm
It became so very cold
The little bloom of ladybugs
Huddled under a log

But the wind soon blew off
A big piece of the bark
Leaving the ladybugs beneath
Freezing in the dark

That is when Little Cow
Spread out her mighty wings
She gathered up the whole troop
In the cuddly warmth within

The cold spell passed eventually
And out the beetles crawled
They sang praises of Little Cow
Her bigness had saved them all.
* Little Cow: Ladybugs are sometimes called Little Cows because of their fat, rotund bodies

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