November has arrived, nay, it’s nearly  done
December is upon us, winter, it has come
I had a few wishes, resolutions to be done
That I memo’d in my mind in Jan of twenty-twenty one

Then came February, and with it came a pall
From all the celebrations and energy of the hols
The wishes and the must-dos faded just a bit
As summer in all its brilliance laughingly swept in.

Then there were vacations and baking in the sun
Barbecues and festivals; meeting precious ones,
Teatime confidences, low key, calm and tender
More spirited evenings full of song and a few benders!

Fall came rustling in then, dressed in oranges and reds
The list of resolutions were almost put to bed
The dreams too were foggy, like tree tops in the mist
A far off memory; a fleeting touch upon the wrist

And now it is November, nay it is almost done
December is upon us, year-end, it has come
There will be good intentions and bucket lists again
For hope it springs eternal, from beginning to the end.


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