In a jungle in the Congo 
There lived the strangest beast
He was called the Zebra-giraffe
For the eyes he was a treat!

He fed on grass and fruits and buds
And sometimes ferns and leaves
He was a fabulous vegetarian
Keeping our planet green

But Zebra-giraffe was nettled
Everyone was named properly
While his was borrowed from
Two of his extended family.

So off he went on a quest
To search for his true name
He met the Congolese pygmies
And told them of his aim

They looked at him in wonder
And ooh’d and ahh’d away
They’d never seen an animal
Quite like him before today

They praised his half striped body
And admired his velvet fur
They touched his lovely ossicones
They caused quite a stir!

Then they had a meeting
And decided finally
This wondrous mix of animals
Would be called the Okapi

So back he went to his jungle
The happiest boy of all
The Okapi finally had his name
And that’s still what he’s called.

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