Our blue green world is going to POT
Not the stuporous, cheering kind
The elating, fascinating kind
The happily beclouding kind
The angst all a-blurring sort
No, all that it certainly is not

But our world is going to POT
Not the souffle baking sort
Not the healthy steaming kind
Not the chicken tikka fry
Nor the chuck roast braising sort
No, none of that comforting lot

But our world is going to POT
Not the bowel movement kind
The cleansing of the intestines
The calming morning ritual kind
The 1 kg load lessening sort
No, of the closet family it’s not

But our world is going to POT
Moral compass broken down
Compassion harder to be found
Dignity, serenity, gratefulness
Are just so many hollow sounds
In the flowing waters of life
From cresting fullness back to the ground

Yes, our world is going to POT
Not the stuporous, cheering kind
Not the soufflé baking sort
Not the morning ritual kind.
But the saddening, maddening sort
The depressing, disappointing sort
The “I’m done with it. Over and out.”
That’s how our world is going to pot.


They say with some frivolity that we humans
Are nothing more than cucumbers with emotion.
Even in this bizarre drollery
There is some existential irony
As we go from one diet to the next;
One new year’s resolution to the next;
One promise of commitment to another;
One version of truth to another;
One moral compass point to the next;
One exhausted ideology to the next …
Always yearning, needing and wanting;
Promoting, demoting, hiding and flaunting;
Also faltering, crumbling, momentarily falling;
Then rising and moving, stoically persevering;
But ever Hoping; always enduring
To become ever better; to build something lasting.
And so we continue to live on our blue green planet,
Perpetually watering 60% of our body weight;
Unconsciously threading into the throb of Existence
As it weaves its alchemy in the H2O continuance
In and around us; into the grand scheme of things;
Our emotions are there to remind us of this.
So the next time you feel somewhat overwhelmed,
Under the weather; emotionally spent;
Take a deep breath, and remember ladies and gents.
That we’re just watery green vegetables endowed with sentiment.
I’m kind of a big dill …