There is this special little guy
Who lives in Sri Lanka
He is only eight inches tall
His friends call him Podi Sanka*

He’s a shy little primate
And comes out only at night
His eyes shine like bright lanterns
And glow in red torch light

He sits quietly in the trees
He does not make a sound
Even when he plays hide and seek
With the fireflies that float around

He feeds on tiny insects
And fruits and flowers too
He also has the one-off reptile
For the occasional protein boost.

The grey slender loris
Is an endangered species
Their tree homes are protected
Is what that really means

If you’re very lucky and
Visit Ceylon’s dry zone
You may just spy Podi Sanka
In his snug little tree home.
* Podi Sanka: Podi means “Small” in Sinhalese.  Sanka is a name.