She’s caught in the rush of hurrying feet 
Snippets of conversations
Of laughter, exclamations
She’s caught in a tidal wave
Of teeming, streaming life
She’s caught in the swell
Of people of voices, of sights and smells
Riding the vital wave
Pushing ahead
Her silk scarf catches the breeze
Of swelling, surging humanity
She feels it pull
Floating just a little in front of her
She quickens her step
Her feet instinctively keeping up
With the urgency of life
She feels something
In her gut, the pit of her stomach
A ripple, almost a laugh!
She inhales deeply, she can’t place
This sudden lightness of being
It feels out of place
This morning, mourning
She had felt like lead
Now like vapor she rises up
Colourless, clean
In that moment she’s someone else
Propelling her body like a comet
Lighter, brighter almost serene

She arrives at her gate
The same number, the place
Where this very morning
She had buried them
She had forgotten
For a few moments
Who she was
She was desolation and grief itself
Wearing the bruises of loss
Mourning only this morning
It all came back dawning
As she came to herself
As her blood remembered
And curdled inside
A freezing, heaving cauldron of chills
She sank into the depths of her seat
There was a sequence
Monumental, compelling
To her agony
She had to remember
She couldn’t forget
Her world had ended
When she had buried her dead.
Image: Toyism

4 thoughts on “VERSE | THIS MOURNING

      1. Abey_at_Heathfield

        Hi Mahvash,

        We are all well..thanks, and how are you?
        We’ve just returned after a couple if weeks in Colombo followed by a week in Jaipur and the Ranthambore tiger reserve, with one super sighting.
        Daughter Lelani is getting married in the summer to a really nice mixed African-American-Caribbean lad called Myles from Chicago and we’ll be doing two visits to Chicago, first next month for planning, and then in August for the wedding itself……hoping it all goes well..
        We’re hoping to be back in Colombo around Sept/Oct…. let’s try and meet up then if you are there….
        Take care…. and give us news..
        And more from the open

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hello Mahiman,
        Missed you again this time. I’m in Dubai with the family. Major reunion in progress 😄
        Congratulations in advance on Lelani’s wedding. Wishing all the best to the couple.
        I’ll be in colombo until end of September. Then traveling again. Hope to see you before then.
        Getting back to colombo in a couple of days and getting my children’s book number 3 into print .
        Another book is in the offing by the end of the year – poetry book number 2 this time 🤞🏽
        I hood you’re keeping up to date with my books during each of your trips 🤓
        Glad all well generally.
        All my best 🌸


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