Theme: Dealing with parents’ divorce

Sarah woke up from her sleep at night 
She’d had another dream
Where she was falling through the clouds
Down, down into the trees

She was scared like she had once been
From monsters under her bed
But now she was a big girl
Why was she afraid like that again?

In her heart she knew the new
Monster that had come to life:
Her parents were always sad-angry
There was always a new fight

Sarah wanted to hide away
She wanted to close her eyes
She wished that when she woke again
Everything would be alright

But that didn’t happen and one day
Her dad he sat her down
He kissed her on her forehead
He had a worried frown

He said “sometimes moms and dads
Go through moody times
And because they’re Big-People moods
It turns them into frankensteins!

If they stay together they’ll chomp-chomp
Off each other’s heads
So they both start living in separate homes
So that they can keep being friends

And that is why Mom and I
With our fights and with our moods
Will live apart but in our hearts
Our love will never change for you

Look at it as a new adventure
New things to do with each one
With Dad you can go fishing
With Mom to the space museum

We will always keep you close
Just not in the same way
Some days you will be with Mom
Some days with me you’ll stay

Change sometimes is a good thing
So cheer up my darling child
No more fights and no more frowns
Just happy hearts and happy smiles

And know that even if a thousand miles
Separate you from me sometimes
We’ll never let you be sad or scared
We’re your Forever-Team, your Mom and I.


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