Literal and Satirical definition: defective sight in which objects/ other opinions/ other people cannot be properly seen if not close to the centre of the field of one’s view.

It grips me in its narrowness 
Blurring out everything else
The serrated edges of my self
Fade, become invisible
I only get to feel
One urgent, solitary reel
Of fickle life at a time
Drenched as it is in endless
Waters of love or rage
Seas with no horizons
No frontiers, no boundary lines
These swells take over me
In my entirety
I can barely breathe
The deluge almost drowning me
My heart and mind
My tears and smiles
In that moment are replete
There can be no more
In my stores
Of pain and joy
They are empty, hollow, done
The universe too
Knows when it’s enough
And that is why I then see
Only a sliver and no more
Of life’s excess, its extremity
Its climax, its nth degree
Through the narrowed and diminished lens
Of my shielding, sheltering tunnel vision.
Image: Kay Adonna

4 thoughts on “VERSE | TUNNEL VISION

  1. Mahiman

    Artistic introspection….perhaps too much so .. is it too much devotion to self…?? Turn some of the time and energy to others, to the needy… And maybe the result will bring contentment…

    Liked by 1 person

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