PANDEMIC 2020|I have a dream

… and I see Nature hazarding light but sure-footed steps into the concrete enclaves that have been striding into its realm for a few unlovely centuries now. It flits, it floats, it lingers a little longer; it sees, it feels and it widens its embrace.

And then I awake.

More and more, it’s a jungle out there as we are regaled with surreal footage of peacocks dancing across barren asphalt; mountain goats bestowing sure footed and scraggy-toothed assistance in low-hedged gardens; and other oddly uplifting images of the multitude of usually bashful flora and fauna as they attend their debutante balls in the squares, streets and arenas that once thronged exclusively with human life. This is Nature taking its first reticent bow in the tumultuous world of man.

The stage devoid of humans however, has not been such a bed of roses for all of God’s creatures. These are those hapless urban-bred packs of stray felines, canines and even a sizeable multitude of the avian population that have, through the ages, adapted to living with their human counterparts (masters more like it – let’s not be so incautiously delusional in the midst of all the introspection, ideological compassion and post-pandemic resolutions brought on by the Invasion of the Corona). Their food supply which in most part depended on the scraps and oddments of the teeming human millions going about their day, has all but dried up. But, if you’re somewhat discerning and ever so slightly intuitive, you’ll also be seeing a frenetic, almost instructed regrouping of these various species. They are congregating on empty streets, in deserted markets and abandoned rooftops to discuss, formulate and deploy a Future Survival Strategy.

Probably sans the humans.

I have a dream….no, it is a veritable nightmare. But, it is a dream: where all of Nature with the stark exception of humankind (we lost that badge of honour a long while ago) is devising a massive incursion to restore balance on Earth. From the jungles and deserts; through woodlands and swamps; across fields and gardens; from treetops and subsoil; via sewers and drainpipes – a coming together of millions of species with the sole purpose of repairing the life-force equilibrium of our planet.

And in this blitzkrieg, we the Homo Sapiens, are the Covid-20 they are dealing with.

De Khudai pe aman.


Published by Mahvash K. M.

A wandering “desi” and a corporate chicken who’s flown the proverbial coop is what I currently am. Have chosen the sultry island of Sri Lanka for my wandering/ experiential activities. Writing something- anything really, has been on the bucket list for a great old while. Finally putting some pixel energy behind the cause! This blog will be about a wide gamut of opinions, ideas, characters, storms in teacups, extraterrestrials, food for the soul (and some not so much), space (of the cosmic and personal varieties), cutting edge psychoanalytic analyses, and sunsets (Dysania-struck so probably no sunrises!) – all presented to you from a wide array of coffee shops across my modest globe-trotting sojourns. Here’s to enjoying the ride together!

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